The Cumber-bet

This is the Cumber-bet, made out of “Cumberbatch” and “alphabet”. A long conversation between a bunch of 7 ladies from the Cumbercollective on Twitter – no one mentioned, no one forgotten – gave the sparkle to the idea of making a list to explain the phenomenon Benedict Cumberbatch. It’s all fun and games, not to be taken seriously at all. We just had a great laugh doing it and wanted to share it with all of you.

@hla72 (danish-cumbercollective.tumblr) and @DieBedra (diebedra.blogspot) tried to collect the thoughts and bring them to life – this is the result.

We’ve decided to publish the list on our respective blogs, you find the other one here.

A Adorkable
Made out of “adorable” and “dork”  to describe how Benedict is funny and clumsy and heartwarming at the same time. He can’t hide his humour even when you don’t expect it at all. “Dorky” can be used as an adjective as in “DorkyBatch”.

Screen cap from comic con video, made and edited by H./danish-cumbercollective.tumbr, Original source:

B  Benshine
Made out of “Benedict”  and “sunshine” because he brings sunshine.

Picture from Greece. Edited by H./danish-cumbercollective.tumblr, Original source:

C Cumbercollective
That’s what he calls his fans who are always ready to support any charity in behalf of Benedict. It is rumoured that he has no idea that he’s inspiring a whole fandom.

Picture from TIFF 12 Years a Slave Sep. 6th 2013, Photo by: Todd Williamson/Source:


D Deaded
This new word entered the consciousness of the Cumbercollective (see above) with the episode “The Sign of Three”. Whereas the drunken Sherlock isn’t able to deduce correctly, fans use “deaded” to describe Benedict when there are no other words left.

Screen cap from TSoT, made and edited by H.danish-cumbercollective.tumblr

E Errant curl
No matter how hard he tries to have nice, straight hair, there’s always one curl doing exactly the opposite and it’s so cute and sexy.

Picture from GQ 25th Anniversary Auction Nov. 12th 2013, Photo by: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Europe, Source:

F Flipflops
You do think that flip flops are the last shoes looking sexy? It always depends on the man wearing it! Remember: they are even more sexy if they are accompanied by a scarf.


G Gorgeous
Because he’s just gorgeous, no explanation needed at all.

Picture from Screen and Flix Japanese magazines – April 2013 issues, Photo by: Suzukakenoki, Source:


H Hands
Because of his gorgeous hands and long slim fingers. They have generated many pictures, gifs and fantasies in the Cumbercollective.

Picture from BAFTA LA Britannia Award Nov. 9th. 2013, edited by H.danish-cumbercollective.tumblr, Photo courtesy of: GettyBAFTA LA, Source:


I Irresistible
You might find him odd at first, but when you get under his spell, he’s totally irresistible and you don’t want to have it any other way. Your drawn like moth to a flame.


J Just Benedict (used as # on Twitter)
A hashtag that describes Benedict in one word – brilliant, gorgeous, cute, well mannered, polite, humble… every adjective you can think of.


K Kiss
As in Cumber-kisses/blow kisses, he often blows kisses and brings his fandom to it’s knees.

From NTA’s, made by H.danish-cumbercollective.tumblr

L Lisp
You only recognize his adorable lisp if you have recovered from his deep, soft voice. And honestly: Who thinks that this is failure when it comes to this man? Try and look at this video from Bafta Britannia Awards.

Photo by: Michael Tran/Getty Images North America

M Muscles
Think “Star Trek Into Darkness” and “Little Favour” – does it really need more explanation?

Bath-scene STID screen cap made and edited by H./danish-cumbercollective.tumblr
Original source:


N Nose crinkle
His adorable nose crinkle, often accompanied with a cute smile.

Picture from Hobbit LA press conference Dec. 3rd 2013,
Photo by:
Vera Anderson, Source:


O Otter
You think you can’t compare a man with an animal? Think twice, search the web for otter pics and learn what “meme” means.

This is an edit from a collection of Otter/B pics, edited by H./danish-cumbercollective.tumblr, Original source:


P Pointing
He’s (almost) always pointing in pictures taken with fans, but recently he’s been using the naughty finger.


Q Quotable
Benedict is unstoppable during interviews and always manage to say a lot in a very short amount of time. That have generated a lot of quotes, serious ones where he talks about why he has almost died  – but also really quirky and funny quotes or just really sweet ones.. We all know he’s definitely not right in the one we’ve  posted here.


R Ruffle
As in hair ruffle, something that is very hot, especially when he has his “Sherlock”-curls. Seen several times in Sherlock Season 3.

Gif from TEH, made and edited by H./danish-cumbercollective.tumblr

S Shorts
Think of all the adorkable pictures you’ve seen of Benedict in shorts, or the hot picture of him coming out of the water in his blue shorts with birds on (a.k.a. WetBatch). Better yet, the red shorts he showed the entire world on NTA January 22nd 2014 and caused the entire fandom to melt and twitter/tumblr to break down!

Screen cap from NTA’s, made and edited by H./danish-cumbercollective.tumblr, Original source:


T Theatre
Benedict is a trained theatre actor from University of Manchester and LAMDA. He has done various plays, incl. Frankenstein with Jonny Lee Miller (both as the creature and Dr. Frankenstein) and in the autumn 2014 he’s on stage as Hamlet in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. His training also come into use in radio plays and narrating audiobooks and documentary series.


U Unique
His way of transforming, disappearing and getting into a character is very unique. He doesn’t do a character half-heartedly, whether it’s a small part like Little Charles in “August: Osage County” or as Julian Assange in “The Fifth Estate”.


V Velvet
First this material hit the world’s screen at the international Hobbit premiere in Los Angeles – in the form of Benedict’s red velvet suit, fitting perfectly with the colour of the dragon Smaug. And Cumbercollective (see above) created a new word: VelvetBatch


For breaking the internet all the time, for being the king of the internet and especially for bringing fans together around the world on the world wide web.

Picture from AMA reddit Oct. 11th 2013, Source:


X Xtreme sport
Benedict is fond of extreme sports like skydiving, hot-air ballooning, scuba diving, skiing and high-speed motorcycling.


Y Yummy
Frequently used to describe Benedict’s appearance with or without suits with or without shirts. Often followed by “sigh”.

Cleaned version of swissmisandry’s find Published 2013-08-13 – VOGUE, Photo by: Annie Leibovitz, Source:


Z Zygoma
The latin word for cheekbone, one of his trademarks

Star Trek Into Darkness Promotional Photoshoot, Source:


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