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Philipp Röttgers: London and its genius loci

London isn’t just some city. She is a character in various films, novels and poems which wouldn’t be the same if they were not settled in Britain’s capital. The fascination that hits almost everyone who visits London for the very first time will not disappear but grow with every new trip. Experienced visitors have their own ways to find and re find their very own London, greeting the great city by walking a certain route on their first day back for example is a nice way to settle in again.

“If you want to experience every little detail of history that is around you, you just have to walk and stop and look and don’t aim for anything in particular!”

Philipp Röttgers offers  seven “Tour Stories”, walks that lead the readers through streets and thoroughfares while offering details of historic events and people. Although this isn’t a totally new way to learn more about London’s history while strolling the streets, Röttgers offers some new aspects and tours that are worth a try, especially if you haven’t done any. The author, drummer and journalist, isn’t a native speaker but a German who has studied “English Literatures and Cultures” at the university in Bonn.

If you haven’t, you should give  Peter Ackroyd’s “London –  The Concise Biography” (which Röttgers is frequently quoting) and Matthew Green’s “London: A Travel Guide Through Time” a try. They are brilliantly written and make a thrilling read while preparing for another trip.

You find more about London on my blog (both in English and German) here.

Philipp Röttgers: London and its genius loci, Büchner, 22 Euro.
The book was kindly provided  for review by the publisher.

Photo: Petra Breunig

Photo: Petra Breunig


James Rhodes: “Life’s too short to pretend”

Ahead of his upcoming tour in  Germany, Austria and Switzerland, James Rhodes kindly answered a few questions. No idea how he does it, but the answers hit my inbox in no time 😉

You have been on tour recently and will have a couple of concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Do you have time to stroll a bit through every town you are in? And if so are you looking for something typical in the town you are in?
I really hope so. Some days I’ll have more time than others but ideally I’ll always be able to stroll around and explore new places – most of these cities are new to me and I can’t wait.

How are you preparing for the concert in the evening? Is it important for you to relax, sleep in or are you too excited to be calm?
It’s a real mixture – on a perfect day I’ll be well rested and excited (in a call way!). But of course lots of the time I’ll be stressed and anxious and grumpy. But then I’m that way with everything not just concerts.

Is it difficult to concentrate when playing in a new hall?
Not usually. Sitting at the piano is the best place for me, whatever the hall is like.

You are quite active on Twitter where you are not only funny or chat about ordinary things. You are very open when it comes to topics such as depression or the abuse you suffered as a boy. Is it some kind of therapy for you? And are the internet/ social media stressful sometimes?
I love Twitter. I’ve met some wonderful people on there and been very lucky in that I haven’t come across much nastiness. I think loneliness can be really debilitating for people especially if they’re a bit wobbly emotionally (like me), so social media can be a really positive thing. I think it’s important to just be myself whether it’s with a friend in a cafe or online, it’s always the same me. Life’s too short to pretend.

When meeting fans it seems you are really enjoying it. Is there anything you want to tell them?
Thank you! That’s the main thing. It’s appreciated more than they know and it makes me feel all warm inside. Don’t ever feel shy about coming to say hello 🙂

I met James Rhodes in September 2015 after a talk at The Guardians' and asked for a selfie. Photo: Petra Breunig

I met James Rhodes in September 2015 after a talk at The Guardians’ and asked for a selfie. Photo: Petra Breunig


You can find more about James Rhodes on his side where there are also links to tour dates, his Sound Cloud and his Twitter – and on this blog

All dates for his upcoming tour are in this poster: jamesrhodestourposter2016

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