London and her tube

Honestly, there are lots of things that I find fascinating when it comes to London and I’m not sure where to start or to continue considering my previous blog entry . But what about London’s underground, the tube?  After all you may need it just at the beginning of your trip when you are heading to central London from one of the airports. Do yourself – and others – a favour and get yourself an oyster card. You can buy it at the airport or online when you are planning your trip and feel like a Londoner.  The card is rechargeable which will help you ease your London bug – the feeling to come back to the city. And recharging the card is very fast and easily done at lots of tube stations.

Have your oyster card ready

Make sure you have your oyster card at hand when approaching the entrance, so you just have to hold it on top of the yellow button and cause no delay. Remember: Londoners are busy, they normally are not on holiday as you are, so get out of their way and stand on the side when you need to check your way on your tube map. Hint: there are maps inside every station. Just make sure you know where you want to travel, head to the platform which fits your destination (south or eastbound for example) and: stand on the right when using the escalators! Londoners really do this no matter what and honestly it’s quite interesting looking around and reading ads while getting to your platform.

Once your train has arrived, do allow the passengers to get out of it before you get inside. All the passengers. Don’t stand directly in front of the door, nobody is able to leave if you silly tourist are blocking everything. And you will block everything especially when you have a suitcase or a large bag with you. Or both. Enter the train and really do move inside. Don’t block the doors by standing too near, try to find a place to stand quite comfy or get a seat. And: Mind the Gap!


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