Dear Twitter,

I have to say that it wasn’t love at first sight. Not at all.

When I decided I needed an account, I was bored and frustrated. Because I didn’t understand you. Not at all.

But then BBC’s “Sherlock” came my way and I fell in love with Benedict Cumberbatch and the series as a whole (or at least the episodes I managed to watch).  And I wanted more. More information about every tiny detail I could get my hands on it. There wasn’t much out there. But you, Twitter, had some lovely accounts that offered all I needed.

You made me tweet  in English (and the English version of this blog wouldn’t exist without you) which has been quite a challenge. You will never imagine how difficult it was to get the very first tweet out there. And how thrilling it was to learn that you, Twitter, wasn’t a mere stream of information. People actually reacted, responded to my tweets, connected my to their conversations. People I wouldn’t have met without Sherlock and Twitter.  Some of them I managed to meet in RL, some of them I only know because of their Twitter but I miss them when they don’t update their status and am worried when I don’t see them online for a few days without warning.

Critics might say that this is how internet addicts behave and I should get myself some help to get rid of my addiction. But if it is an addiction – chatting with people from all over the world, learning new things from a variety of topics, getting news updates almost the minute stories are happening – then I am an addict. But as Sherlock would say: I’m just a user.

And I like it that way