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The fascination of reading a book

Books. There have always been books. At least for me. I can’t think of a time when books have not been important to me. The moment I could read and owned a card for my local library, I couldn’t think of anything more wonderful than reading for whole afternoons, lose myself in new stories and new characters. A good book can always compete with any film. At least for me.

I can’t say why I’ve got and still have the passion. Maybe it has been the reading technique itself, the ability to make words out of signs and understand their meaning – this might be because I still remember the exact feeling when words only were black mysterious signs in a book. There even has been a book I used to fill in the empty spaces after paragraphs with lines scribbled with a pen till the pages’ edge – still without being able to read. Apparently I couldn’t understand why those black signs just stopped. When those black spots finally became letters, words, sentences and even whole stories I fell for the fascination that is reading – and I’m addicted to it ever since.

Of course my passion has change over the years. Sometimes I read more, sometimes less. I discovered new authors while others disappeared from my bookish life. Simultaneously I got fascinated by the internet and tec stuff, I established my first blog, wrote my first blog entry, helped myself to a Kindle (mostly because I wanted to read books in English), a tablet and a Tolino arrived. And I tried (again) to read and write in English – starting with Twitter (I was scared to death when I posted my first English Tweet!), then I tried my very first blog entry about my fav series BBC’s “Sherlock” and Benedict Cumberbatch. Apparently no one cared or at least no one shouted at me for my bad English, so I felt encouraged to write about books I’ve read in English – for some reason it’s easier to write in the same language I’ve read the book.

Over the years some things stayed the same: discovering something new while reading, diving into a book (fiction or non fiction) and coming back into the real world – and the longing for another new book.

You may find the original German version of this blog entry here.

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